Tabling at Community Wellness Fair 5/6/23

VSSJ had a great time on Saturday, 5/6/23 tabling at the 2023 Community Wellness Fair on the grounds of the Dr. James Still Historic Site Visitors Center in Medford. See below for pictures from the event.

A great thank you to our volunteers for coming out today — Janet, Steve, Barata, Heather, Iris, Lisa, Sadhna, and Vicky!

Barata El wrote a poem about his experience of the day:

Tabling at the Wellness Fair, Brought many a vendor and people there

Janet was there with VSSJ, Heather, and Iris were there, Hooray!!

Steve stopped in to lend support, Unpacked boxes and things of that sort

Canopy setup, an interesting task, Can’t figure it out, you surely must ask.

Lots of help made it a cinch, No need for a hammer, screwdriver, or wrench

Tables were placed with boxes on top, Nice sunny day, didn’t seem it would stop

Came the moment of “ spin the wheel’, Janet then asked “what is the deal “?

All the pieces seemed not to be there, Seemed they had vanished in thin air.

“This isn’t exactly a project”, she said. I stood there perplexed, scratching my head

Just when I was about to say “skip”, Plans to assemble made a big flip.

Spin the wheel was assembled, alright, Secured to the leg assembly real tight 

Wrapped securely with a bungee cord strap, I hate when gadgets start giving me crap

Iris was the first to give it a spin, A sign of content was expressed in a  grin

Which prompted her to spin it again, Heather’s her momma and looks like her twin

A case of pink lady apples appeared, I might eat them all up, is what I had feared

After eating just one my appetite waned, Sweet, zippy, and tart, I had not complained

Heather shared her coffee with me, Deep, dark roast seemed acidity free 

Bold and bodacious with delicate notes, Like typical berries you mix with your oats 

Next canopy over I got a massage, Spawning exhales of ooo’s and ahhhhs 

Relaxing and soothing  I found it to be, Tense muscles had gotten a hold on me

And someone else sold poetry cards, Not realizing I am amongst the bards 

They shared with me their epigraphs, And what I recited elicited laughs. 

And this I can say about the whole day, Pleasantly warm and the sky’s were not gray

It was fun hanging out with VSSJ, But I had to leave early ; I had plans underway


Are you interested in volunteering with VSSJ for events like this one? Let us know at [email protected]


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