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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 09/25/22

  • Observing Rosh Hashanah this week? Celebrate with this grown-up, veganized take on honey cake from popular vegan cookbook author Hannah Kaminsky. Read more.
  • A former product developer for Wendy’s and Popeye’s fast food chains has joined vegan meat brand Nowadays to help perfect its vegan chicken recipes. Read more.
  • After vocal customer backlash, Australian airline Qantas has announced it will start serving vegetarian meals on all domestic flights. Early in the pandemic, the airline reduced meal offerings to a single option on flights under 3.5 hours, leaving many plant-based travelers out of luck. Read more.
  • Biotechnology company Perfect Day, known for its animal-free whey, is now setting its sights on veganizing egg whites through precision fermentation. Read more.
  • VegNews rounds up the best vegan food news of the week. Read more.

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