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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 02/20/22

  • Pinky Cole, owner of vegan restaurant empire Slutty Vegan, recently welcomed her first child with her partner Derrick Hayes. “Life as a new mom is amazing,” Cole said. Read more.
  • Meet Everything Legendary, a Black-owned vegan company that has gone from a family kitchen operation to securing over $6 million in funding in less than a year. Read more.
  • If you follow TikTok trends, you’ve probably seen the recent takes on baked feta pasta, a recipe that went viral in 2021. Here is a vegan version that uses hummus instead of cheese. Read more.
  • Bragg’s has launched flavored seasonings blends featuring its signature nutritional yeast flakes nationwide. Read more.
  • The Super Bowl may be over for this year, but here are 26 veggie twists on classic game-day fare to enjoy all year long. Read more.

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