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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 10/24/21

  • Claiming to be Europe’s first vegan supermarket, German-based vegan company Veganz is getting ready to go public to help meet the growing demand for vegan products throughout Germany and beyond. Read more.
  • TikTok sensation Tabitha Brown is helping to bring Chicago-based vegan restaurant Kale My Name to Los Angeles County. Read more.
  • CALF, standing for Collier Animal Law Forum, recently launched. The digital database tool aims to centralize all the laws and policies in the world impacting farmed animals, including an overview of all legislation relating to issues of animal welfare, environmental protection in agriculture, the global animal trade and the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms. Read more.
  • Vegan artist and activist Billie Eilish has announced plans to release her first perfume, which, of course, will be vegan. Read more.
  • THIS PKN is a new vegan milk on the market. What sets the brand apart from other non-dairy milks is that it is doesn’t try to mimic cow’s milk, but instead relies on the natural bold flavor of pecans. Read more.

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