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Celebrate Black Excellence All Year Long

VSSJ is an inclusive, nonprofit organization that remains committed to its mission to be “social, supportive, and educational” and wishes unity, peace, and health to all.

Black History Month isn’t just about history, and certainly not just for February. Celebrate Black Excellence any day and *every* day throughout the year with this round-up of resources:



  • Dallas Public Library celebrated Black History Month 2021 with virtual vegan cooking classes featuring local Black chefs. Consider asking your local library to do the same. Read more.
  • Genesis Butler may only be 14, but she is already a big hero to animals. Read more.
  • An overview of Black History Month by ASALH (the Association for the Study of African American Life and History). Read more.
  • These 7 Black environmentalists are shaping the future with their contributions to sustainability, science, technology, and more. Read more.
  • Did you know these Black activists were also vegans? Read more.
  • 14 Black history icons who changed the world, and didn’t eat animal products. Read more.
  • Check out the US-based non-profit the Afro-Vegan Society. The organization’s mission is to “offer information, resources and support to encourage and inspire people in marginalized communities to transition to vegan living.” Read more.
  • Barn Sanctuary spotlights vegan Black athletes throughout history. Read more.
  • Meet 9 Black vegan chefs who are changing the food industry. Read more.
  • VSSJ shared a list of veg-friendly Black-owned businesses and BLM educational resources back in June 2020. Read more.


  • 7 BIPOC-led restaurants across Philadelphia helping their communities access fresh, nutrient-dense food. Find a new favorite local restaurant! Read more.
  • Lidenwold resident Brennah Lambert recently expanded her successful mobile vegan meal prep service LesbiVeggies to a brick-and-mortar location in Audobon. The company’s name pays homage to Lambert’s identity as a queer business owner. Read more.
  • 29 Vegetarian Recipes that Celebrate the Richness of Black Cuisine. Read more.
  • Easy, low-effort vegan recipes by Black creators, rounded up by Vegan Yack Attack. Read more.
  • Get to know fonio, an ancient grain cultivated in Africa for millennia. It has recently become popular in the United States, in large part thanks to NYC-based chef and restauranteur Pierre Thiam. Read more.
  • Take a road trip through the history of vegan soul food. Includes recipes. Read more.
  • Traditional Black American recipes vegan-style, including jambalaya and étouffée . Read more.


10 Black Vegan Food Blogs You Should Definitely Be Following


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