sustainability June 5


and the Plant-Based Diet

VSSJ presented to the TriCounty Sustainability Alliance on Wednesday, May 27th, on the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet.  Considerations of animal welfare, health, and nutrition were also reviewed.  VSSJ was happy to present, and to field various astute questions from Alliance members.  If you have any questions on the topic of plant-based diet and the environment, please reach out to Sadhna Sachdev at [email protected].  As per TriCSA’s website, the TriCounty Sustainability Alliance (TriCSA) is open to sustainability enthusiasts in the Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties looking to improve their communities and connect regionally.  TriCSA is a Sustainable Jersey hub (a designated affiliate helping coordinate municipalities in our region). Municipalities can register with Sustainable Jersey to participate in their certification program.   TriCSA can provide local Green Teams with support getting started, with specific actions and to provide programs to educate residents about sustainability issues.

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