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Dining Out – Melting Pot

On Friday Nov. 30th VSSJ sponsored a dinner out  at the Melting Pot to celebrate World Vegan Month.

To say we were blown away by the experience would be an understatement. We had an incredible time! We were so surprised at not only the quality of the food, but of the whole entertainment value of the dining experience. It was a meal and a show all rolled into one.

We captured some of the experience with a few videos and photos. Take a look…


The first part of the meal was a cheese fondue. You could choose either a vegetarian or vegan fondue.

Most of the food was prepared right at our table. Our server was fantastic!

A perfect combination of dipping options to choose from for the fondue!

Our second course, a salad.


Our third course – another fondue!

Another great assortment of options to use for the second fondue.

Plenty of sauces to choose from – yum!

The fourth course – Chocolate!

The chocolate fondue was delicious, as was the nice variety of fruits provided to dip into the chocolate!

We ordered the four-course special, you could choose either vegan or vegetarian.

The Melting Pot has always had vegetarian options on their menu, and the restaurant has decided to permanently keep vegan options on their menu! To ensure the restaurant has the proper vegan supplies on hand, our server suggested diners call ahead before coming in. She said, “That’s what is great about being in this area. We can always run out to Whole Foods and pick up any needed vegan ingredients.”

VSSJ applauds The Melting Pot for offering so many vegetarian and vegans options. Consider this restaurant for your next dinner out!

Have a favorite dish at The Melting Pot you think our members should try? Let us know in the comments, below.

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