Member Discount – Vegan Pizzeria Halt

We would like to welcome Pizzeria Halt to our member discount program!

Todd Taalib Eaddy, Owner is pictured above

Offers a 5% discount when you show your membership card.

Pizzeria Halt located: 1596 Kings Highway Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

All vegan and vegetarian pizzas. Visit their website click here.

From their website:

In the last five years, there has been a growing popularity for plant-based food in America. Not only due to the increasing spotlight on the harmful processes of eating meat, but also for those who have health restrictions from eating animal products as a whole. Our society used to laugh at veganism, simply because it was different than the usual way. Now, many restaurants and chefs around the nation are beginning to introduce plant-based options to their menu. Although several fast-food restaurants have hopped on the bandwagon, completely vegan and Plant-Based eaters are not able to enjoy these establishments because they do not practice an animal product-free kitchen. With veganism on the rise as a result of increased cancer, heart problems, and lactose intolerance, Pizzeria Halt’s founder, Sambit Duttaroy, developed a unique concept in order to bridge that gap between people’s love for pizza and the health issues brought by animal products. Being lactose intolerant himself, the idea for Pizzeria Halt was conceived as “The Healthy Alternative Pizza”, providing customers with carefully selected ingredients and healthier meal alternatives that are just as delicious as non-vegan restaurants (if not more!).

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