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Dining out – Colonial Diner

On Saturday August 28th a few members and friends of VSSJ dined at The Colonial Diner to explore their Vegan and Veg offerings. We were all delighted with the friendly service and the nice variety of meals on their menu. When you ordered an entree from a special vegan menu, soup and dessert were included. The food was delicious, the service was friendly, and typical of a diner, you got a lot of it! The Colonial Diner located on 924 N Broad St, in Woodbury, NJ is now on the top of my list. You can also get take out. To visit their website click here.

The Colonial Diner is located on 924 N Broad St in Woodbury NJ. To visit their website click here.

Above: Vegan Tacos and Seitan Gyro

Above: Vegan Nachos

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