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Women’s History Month Resources

VSSJ is an inclusive, nonprofit organization that remains committed to its mission to be “social, supportive, and educational” and wishes unity, peace, and health to all.

Women’s History Month is celebrated annually in March to highlight the contributions of women throughout history. But this celebration isn’t just about history, and certainly not just for March. Celebrate fantastic women any day and *every* day throughout the year with this round-up of resources:


  • 25 women to inspire you to go plant-based. Read more.
  • “Celebrate feminists by reading their work, and empower all women by going vegan.” Check out this recommended reading list from PETA. Read more.
  • From Cicely Tyson to Dolores Huerta, these 5 famous women have used their voices to speak up for animals. Read more.
  • Do you know the names Caroline Earl White, Ruby Brown, and Marti Kheel? If not, brush up on history and learn about the contributions of these women, and other vegan feminists, throughout history with these micro biographies from the Vegan Feminist Network. Read more.



  • Highlighting badass female vegan chefs of Philadelphia. (*Note this article is 2 years old. Most of the embedded links are still valid. Support local!) Read more.
  • An interview with Ewelina Augustin, co-founder of online vegan fashion and beauty shop The Vegan Warehouse, based in Hoboken, NJ. Read more.
  • From Erin McKenna to Babette Davis, here are 9 vegan female chefs changing the food system. Read more.
  • Exploring why more women than men identify as vegan. Read more.

Female-led Food and Lifestyle Veggie Blogs You Should Definitely Be Following



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