Pantry Staple Recipes

to Make while Self-Isolating that are Veg-Friendly

VSSJ hopes you are taking care of yourself during these uncertain times. Whether you are learning to work from home, or suddenly homeschooling your kids, make sure you take some time for self-care

Since grocery shopping options are rather limited at the moment, you are probably taking a peek in your pantry right about now to see what you have on hand to whip up something to eat.  VSSJ is here to help! Here are a number of resources to check out for veg-friendly recipes to make with pantry staples:

PETA has put together a robust list of easy vegan recipes to try while self-isolating. Recipes include those for 3-ingredient cookies and pasta dishes, as well as making staples from scratch, such as flour tortillas and vegan ice cream.

15 Vegan meals to make with canned goods, courtesy of One Green Planet. Recipes utilize canned jackfruit, pumpkin and other fruits/vegetables, and chickpeas and other beans.
Vegan Lovlie has a comprehensive article on vegan pantry staple cooking, including 40+ recipes, tips on stocking a vegan pantry and substitution suggestions galore. 
One Green Planet’s ultimate guides to cooking bulk beans and brown rice, while Live Kindly has some great suggestions on how to prepare tofu.

Chocolate Covered Katie has a long list of healthy pantry staple recipes collected in one, handy article. Known mostly for her healthy desserts, Katie has included a number of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and, of course, lots of tasty desserts 🙂

Vegan Richa has curated a list of healthy, family-friendly meal ideas from her extensive recipe collection on her website to get you through self-isolation. Many are gluten-free, and can adapted for the instant pot.
Forks Over Knives shares some “pantry-practical” recipes from their archives for comforting, nourishing meals. 

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken has rounded up 51 easy, fuss-free vegan recipes made with pantry staples. There are also suggestions for ingredient substitutions, and a few recipes specifically utilizing ingredients you would toss out. 

One silver lining of being cooped up at home is this is a great opportunity to check out some of the great plant-based cooking blogs and websites that are out there. A few are featured above. Do you have a favorite that you follow, or a favorite veg-friendly recipe you have been making while self-isolating? Share in the comments below.

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