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In Case You Missed It

Here’s What’s Happening in the Plant-Based World This Week: 

  • Exploring what happens to your body when you stop eating meat, (with links to several published studies on the topic).
  • “Plant-based,” “vegetarian,” or “meat-free”? Research into how consumers respond to different plant-based diet descriptions.
  • FloZein Products is now producing Zein, a sustainable and vegan alternative to shellac made out of corn, not lac bugs.
  • Vegan superstar Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on the ethics of supporting a plant-based brand after it has been purchased by a Big Food or meat-based company.
  • A new documentary produced by vegan advocates and actors Joaquin Phoenix and Jorja Fox premiered over the weekend at the Austin Film Festival. The Animal People follows six vegan activists who have been branded as terrorists due to their protests against animal testing. 
  • After an undercover investigation by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation into the lives of retired racehorses revealed that a single slaughterhouse killed 300 retired thoroughbreds for meat in 22 days, the Australian government has officially launched an inquiry that is expected to report its findings in early 2020. While not explicitly illegal to slaughter retired racehorses, it is against industry rules.  

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