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In Case You Missed It – Week of 10/22/23

What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 10/22/23

  • VegNews reports on the ancient fermentation techniques Daiya is pairing with the latest technology to keep improving their vegan cheese. Read more.
  • Long-time vegan activist Alicia Silverstone’s new film Reptile includes a noticeable nod to veganism. Read more.
  • The Vegetarian Resource Group has a fascinating article about the prominent place of plant-based foods in traditional Mayan culture. Read more.
  • In the mood for some comfort food as the weather cools this fall? Here is a quick and nutritious recipe for vegan avocado mac and cheese ready in less than an hour. Read more.
  • VegNews rounds up the best vegan food news of the week. Read more.

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