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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 08/16/20

  • Dear White Vegans, Please *stop* appropriating food. Read more.
  • The “SWAP-MEAT Study,” conducted by researchers at Standford University, has published its results in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The 8-week study followed participants who received plant and animal products in two phases, dietary counseling, and numerous assessments. The results showed that the LDL cholesterol levels of participants who transitioned from animal to plant-based meat dropped significantly. Read more.
  • NOW THIS has premiered a video to its 17 million followers about carnism, a term coined by psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy, who states “[When] eating animals is not a necessity…then it’s a choice, and choices always stem from beliefs. As long as we remain unaware of how carnism impacts us, we’ll be unable to make our food choices freely – because, without awareness, there is no free choice.” Read more.
  • Prada has finally banned the use of kangaroo leather in all future collections. PETA applauded the decision but urged the fashion company to ban all animal skins from its collections. Read more.
  • Hey, tweens: this October, Beyond Meat, in partnership with education platform EVERFI, will launch a free online science course called “Sustainability Foundations: Plants, Animals, and Our World.” Read more.

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