Atlantic City Vegan Festival

On Saturday July 13th, VSSJ visited Atlantic City, but we weren’t gambling! Twelve volunteers
helped out at VSSJ’s table at the Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival,
hosted by the NJ VegFest at the former casino Showboat.

The volunteers talked to hundreds of event attendees about the benefits
of a plant-based diet, and our “Name the Grain”, “Name the Bean”, and
“Spin the Wheel” games were extremely popular! We saw a lot of new
faces, some familiar ones too, and twenty-three members
joined VSSJ on the spot!

A big thank you to all of our volunteers:
Corinne, Janet, Vicki, Will, Carol, Tom, Lisa, Tammy, Heather, Iris,
Efua and Jess (VSSJ summer intern).  Here are some photos of the day: 

We are all set to go! 


THANK YOU to our Sponsors who provided us with membership incentives:

Some of our volunteers for the day:

Attendees enjoying our games:

Some of the attendees that visited our table:

Some of the many vendors that attended:

Love Corn donated some of their product for our upcoming outreach events! THANK YOU!
Alice Leung owner of Soy Cafe was there. They offer a 10% discount to our members at their Philly location. See their listing on our website.
Here are some more vendors that attended.

Are you interested in joining VSSJ’s outreach team? 
Please contact: [email protected].  

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