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Why Eat Veg

For a Better World

Eating veg is a simple choice you make with every meal that helps animals, your health, the environment, and even social justice. No matter your cause, leaving meat off your plate helps make the world a better place.

For the Animals

Animals who live and die on our factory farms are as capable of pleasure, pain, joy and suffering as the companion animals we share our homes with. Each time we eat, three times a day, we can choose kindness over cruelty.

For Your Health

Eating fewer animal products is good for our kidneys, better for our hearts and great for our gut. It is even associated with better brain health as we age. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains are a powerhouse of good nutrition.

For the Environment

Besides adding to greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to climate change, animal agriculture pollutes our air, land and water. We would all breathe easier, the planet included, if each of us made the choice to eat vegetarian.

For Social Justice

From discriminatory pollution to human slavery, animal-based industries often exploit the most vulnerable among us and deepen injustice in our society. Eating vegetarian is taking a step toward a kinder world.

Thank you to the humane society for this article

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