75-Year-Old Fit Vegan Inspires India

Famous couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma recently shared their latest fitness inspiration on Instagram. The couple shared videos of a 75-year-old man working out on his balcony. The man, Tripat Singh, was heralded by the couple for lifting weights and his vegan diet.

Source: Fit At 70/Facebook

Singh, who got serious about fitness in 1999 after his wife passed away, moved to Chandigarh. He realized how much his weight had increased and wanted to up his fitness. “Relatives started reminding me how fit I used to be back in the day, and how I was putting on weight now. I finally resumed running and walking around 2004-05,” he told Indian Express.

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Singh competes in marathons and works to maintain his fitness. And his diet? Singh shared that he eats a lot of quinoa and oats and changes his routine daily. He also eats beans and rice with a salad for lunch, roasted channa as a snack, and then mixed salads with fruits and vegetables for dinner.

“Our body is so smart that it can convert food to get optimum nutrition. So, why not feed it with more nutritious food, and what better than plant-based sources. The common misconception is that vegetarian sources of protein do not provide the much-needed nine amino acids. But the way out is a combination of two or more vegetarian sources of protein to make the required nine amino acids. For instance, rajma rice is a good source of protein and is a complete protein in itself,” said Singh.

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