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of South Jersey is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism. The society provides literature, videos, cooking classes, displays and speakers to various organizations. 

The Vegetarian Society is also a social organization, providing various opportunities for people to meet and share meals and fun. We support all endeavors towards a vegetarian lifestyle and encourage members to actively participate in all efforts towards caring, consciousness, conservation, and compassion. 

Vegetarian Life is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Please send interesting information, letters, articles, and ideas to:
VSSJ PO Box 272 Marlton, NJ 08053

Janet Erickson (609) 983-3964
Vice President/Treasurer
Dale Azaren (609) 871-3068
Corie Lauden (609) 753-3431
Membership Coordinator
Terry Green
Myrna Weinstein (609) 234-7615
Tabling Coordinator
Judy Azaren (609) 877-8923
Singles Coordinators
Steve Faris (609) 767-8807
Newsletter Coordinator
Janet Erickson (609) 596-3269
Vegetarian Neighbors
Roshen Dinshah (609) 694-3025


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