of South Jersey is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism.  The society provides literature, videos, cooking classes, displays and speakers to various organizations. 

The Vegetarian Society is also a social organization, providing various opportunities for people to meet and share meals and fun.  We support all endeavors towards a vegetarian lifestyle and encourage members to actively participate in all efforts towards caring, consciousness, conservation, and compassion. 

Vegetarian Life is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Please send interesting information, letters, articles, and ideas to VSSJ PO Box 272 Marlton, NJ 08053

Janet Erickson (609) 983-3964
Vice President/Treasurer
Dale Azaren (609) 871-3068
( open )
Membership Coordinator
Terry Green
Tabling Coordinator
Judy Azaren (609) 877-8923
Singles Coordinators
Steve Faris (609) 767-8807
Newsletter Coordinator
Janet Erickson (609) 596-3269
Vegetarian Neighbors
Roshen Dinshah (609) 694-3025

Singapore dining
On Sunday, June 28th over 30 VSSJ members and friends enjoyed an afternoon at the New Singapore in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Singapore is a TOTAL VEGETARIAN KOSHER RESTAURANT. Their menu may confuse new customers because a lot of their food has the familiar Chinese restaurant names (General Tso's Chicken for example) but without the meat. They use wheat gluten and tasty sauces to create magnificent meals. If the meat names offend you there are many other choices on the menu that do not mock traditional meat dishes. Unlike other Chinese restaurants you can be sure that no meat was cooked on the grill before your vegetarian dish!

We had a great variety of tasty vegetarian appetizers, soups, entrees and dessert. Many of us took note of our favorites to order on our next visit.

The service was excellent. The owners and staff are very friendly. If  you haven't been there yet plan on dining there SOON!

Thank you Jan
We would like to give a special thank you
to Jan Fitzpatrick for her volunteer position in the Vegetarian Society. Jan has been in charge of information resources. She received the phone calls for VSSJ, answered questions, referred people to resources, and mailed out information packets. She did a super job! Good luck in your new home!

If you are interested in filling this position or know of someone who would please call:
Janet (609) 596-3269.


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