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Our Trip to Toronto, June 2003
by Terri & Paul

We went on a trip to Toronto, and of course we had a reason for going, but if you are a vegetarian (of course you are), you know how important it is to find “fine” vegetarian dining. Here are the places we went to eat and some of the important observations we made. Since we really did not think about reviewing these places until we came back from the vacation, we do not remember the exact foods eaten in the individual restaurants. Sorry, if that bothers you, but you get what you pay for, besides that dreaded disease CRS plays a large role in our lives.

Fresh – Juice for Life on Bloor

This restaurant is small with a busy lunchtime crowd. We went back to this place several times because of its location, quality of food, and the prices. The menu has a large variety of foods and juices there is something for everyone on this menu. The hardest part was choosing what to eat, the descriptions of the food was detailed and enticing. The rice bowls are plentiful and the veggie sushi is very good (had it twice). No complaints about the food or the service. Try not to get a seat near the kitchen; you cannot help but stare into the little area where the waiters/waitresses congregate for various reasons.
Veggie Friendly****

Le Commensel on Bay St.

This is a buffet/ cafeteria type restaurant. There are a large variety of foods to sample. The restaurant also has vegan desserts mixed in with the lacto/ovo desserts. You pay by the amount of food you can fit onto your plate. Grab a plate, pile food on it, take it to the cash register, and the food gets weighed by the gram A full plate usually comes out to somewhere between $10 and $14. Not a bad price considering that is what you would pay for any meal (including your tip) and you only take what you love. We ended up going back here three times and once, just for the desserts after an evening of walking around the city.
Veggie Friendly****

Noah’s Food

This is a food store to buy some supplies while you are in Toronto. We found the employees very helpful in pointing us to good veggie restaurants.

Kensington Natural Bakery & Restaurant on Bloor St.

This place serves meals and desserts. The food and desserts were okay for something that you can get so quickly. We all know how vegan desserts tend to be a little on the dry side. We wish we had the opportunity to try more of the foods in here, especially the other desserts. Order your food at the counter and your meal is placed on disposable plates/containers. The atmosphere is conducive to quick stop-by eating and not meant for that leisurely, romantic meal. Most of the food is pre made and kept in a steam table, so you can see what you are ordering and of course the service is quicker due to not having to cook the meal at the time of ordering.
Food**1/2 (if in a hurry and need something quick we give it a *** rating)
Service ***(at the counter)

Fressen on Queen St. West

The food was good, the view from the seats looking out onto the street was nice, but the room was warm (they did not have the air on), even though there was a large window opening six feet from the table. Do not expect large portions (you know how us Americans like large portions). The service was horrible due to the long wait. In defense of the restaurant they do mention on their menu about the long wait because of the attention paid to the preparation and display of the food, but the wait was well over thirty minutes and probably more like forty minutes.

The Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant had the best combination of everything. The main course meals were great, the portions were great, the service was good, and the only complaint we have is that they did not have a larger selection of vegan desserts, but they did have a few to choose from. This restaurant is on the outskirts of the downtown area and it is recommended you take the subway or some other form of transportation to get there.

Whole in the Wall, Binghamton, NY

The food was good and the décor of the restaurant was nice. The interesting about this place is the social activism of the owner. The wall near the door and the scrapbook near the back of the restaurant is interesting reading. The food portions were not great and the prices were good. This would be a definite regular place to visit if one were to live in the Binghamton, NY area.

****Very Good
*Very Poor

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