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VSSJ has hosted many exciting activities, including volunteer workdays, vegan bake sale fundraisers for charity, and much more.

We hope you will venture out and join us at one of our upcoming activities.  You can view our current Calendar of Events.  Visit us on Facebook to see some photos of our events and to connect with other like-minded people.  You can sign up for our email list (send your name and town to to receive notification of our events and other information.

All VSSJ members are welcome to attend planning meetings where we plan and discuss upcoming events.
>For more info, please contact us at or 609-848-8341.


Benefits to volunteering with VSSJ include:

  • The satisfaction of working with an organization that shares your ideals
  • Meeting and having fun with like-minded people
  • Access to limited-admission events

    There are many different ways you can contribute - please see the list below (note that help for some of these may not be needed at any given time).  You can even volunteer for several of these opportunities virtually!  If you'd like to help with any of these, or have an idea for something else you'd like to volunteer for, please contact us at or 609-848-VEG1 (8341).

    If you want to get more involved and just can't find the time, you can support VSSJ without it costing you time or money!  Visit our Affiliates page and use the links there to do your online shopping - at no extra cost to you.  Several sites will give VSSJ a small percentage of your purchase price.  You can also do online searching at Goodsearch, and earn VSSJ a donation with every click!

    • Outreach/Tabling:  Help educate the public on the benefits of a plant-based diet by handing out literature and speaking to people at festivals and other venues
    • Potluck Assistance:  Help set up, run, and clean up at VSSJ potlucks
    • Chapter Coordination:  Help organize and run VSSJ chapters.  Our chapters include Vegetarian Neighbors (Vineland area) and Atlantic Cape (Cape May and Atlantic Counties).
    • Social Media:  Get VSSJ set up on social media sites and post about the group
    • Restaurant Outreach:  Help convince restaurants to add plant-based menu items
    • Maintain our Vegan-Friendly Cape May Dining Brochure
    • Outreach Planning:  Help find libraries, festivals, and other venues for outreach, especially outside the Philly suburbs, and find speakers, films, etc. for the venues
    • Organizing Restaurant Trips:  Organize a trip to a veg or veg-friendly restaurant - especially if you are outside the Philly suburbs
    • Volunteer Workdays:  Help animals at places such as The Cow Sanctuary, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge, and Save the Animals Foundation (STAF)
    • Bake Sales:  Bake vegan desserts for fundraisers to support various animal welfare and environmental organizations and charities.  VSSJ has raised hundreds of dollars every year since 2011!  View our fundraising efforts so far.
    • Soliciting Member Discounts:  Talk to restaurant owners and other vendors to solicit discounts for VSSJ members
    • Affiliates:  Help find new affiliates and other ways to earn money for VSSJ, so we can fund VSSJ's outreach activities
    • Newsletter/Website Content:  Contribute to our weekly newsletter and update VSSJ's website content
    • Website Assistance:  Help re-design and modernize VSSJ's website
    • Calling members:  Make a monthly call to members lacking email to inform them of upcoming events
    • Distribute Postcards/Business cards:  Place VSSJ postcards in health food stores, veg-friendly restaurants, and other places
    • Displays:  Help plan and set up tables for displaying VSSJ and vegetarian/vegan literature at libraries and other locations
    • Cross-linking:  Get VSSJ listed on other websites
    • Activity Development:  Come up with contests, games, etc. (especially for children) for our outreach and social activities
    • Hospitality:  Give a helping hand to VSSJ members in need
    • Have an idea?  Is there something else you'd like to volunteer for?  Please let us know!

    Page last update:   May 26, 2018